Glug London event @ House of Vans

On Thursday the 17th of December 2015, 100's of creatives met in a network of sub-terranian arches below Waterloo to listen to talks, drink beer and 'notwork'. I had a great time and listen to some really interesting stuff ranging from digital campaigns to new forms of data visualization.

The event was setup by Glug London and hopefully they'll be posting some of the talks on their website shortly for anyone that's interested:

However this post is not so much about the talks but more the venue itself which is possibly one of the coolest I've ever been underground skate-park covered in graffiti. Here are some of my visual highlights from the venue mostly focusing on the heavily graffiti'd entrance!

The event also had a small art gallery presenting some of the work from Glug17, an art project that attempts to publicize the millennium global development goals set out at the UN development summit...the idea being that if the public is aware of the goals we can hold our governments to account. Check out artwork for the other 16 goals here:

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  1. Hosting Reply

    Glug is a series of events for the design and creative community. Our showcase event is held in London but there are now 10 other events around the world.

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