Portfolio Categories: Behavioral Change, Consumer Products, and System Design.


why Cue?

Digital devices are good at prompting us to do things that need immediate action. But what about life goals that could take years or decades to complete? How do we ‘become better people’ when daily life keeps us so busy?

Cue is a ‘signal to act’, a permanent passive physical reminder to take the small steps necessary to achieve a long-term goal.

We achieve long-term goals through focus, sacrifice and perseverance, Cue adds process and some simple tools to help you on the journey.



Following research and ideation 3 prototype systems were created with the objects quickly mocked up from card and paper. Each iteration gave an insight into the benefits and challenges of supporting long-term behavioral change. The bracelet came about as a more portable and constant reminder, without it I found it easy to forget about the project while busy at work.



The physical components of Cue are just small parts of the process used to help customers fulfill their goals.

bracelet and beacon


Beacon sits on a visible shelf at home. Objects can be placed inside it as reminders of specific goals. Bracelet is a portable accessory that allow the user to carry their goals with them.

objects store our memories and dreams

We have always assigned meaning to objects, Cue makes use of this trait by helping users anchor their goals to objects in the environment.

beautifully crafted


Cue makes use of high quality craftmanship and beautiful materials to create durable and attractive decorative objects. This ethos follows through to the packaging design which highlights material quality.