I'm a hard working and passionate Industrial Designer making the world a better place, one product at a time.

about me

7 years experience as a Graphic and Product Designer.

Design is a problem solving process that can be applied to any industry.  I'm primarily interested in the design of physical objects but a good solution must include people, systems, business and brands. I follow a research based, user centered design process to ensure my products deliver engaging and seamless user experiences.



I’ve recently become very interested in the use of biological algorithms to create material efficient forms coupled with FEA based testing to optimize a form over many iterations. I have some basic coding ability but not enough to work with such complex maths and the software required to run these simulations is often very expensive (e.g. Optistruct).

If there are any engineers or scientists reading this that would be interested in collaborating to create some organically inspired products or furniture etc. then please contact me using the form below.




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